Donna did an outstanding job on our museum mural for the Ralph Parlee Agricultural Center. With vivid colors, great depictions of people and animals, she brought the farm right into our agricultural center!

Bernie Ready
Chelmsford Historical Society
Service Category: Mural Painting 

I am looking forward to working with Donna again on this year’s Notre Dame Academy Glee Club CD ROM design. Each CD ROM package has been exemplary and produced in a professional and timely manner.

Clarissa Samuels
Notre Dame Academy
Service Category: CD ROM package – Graphic Design 

Donna Berger has been an active and enthusiastic volunteer at the library for several years. She has been the artistic voice on our One Book Chelmsford Committee – our community-wide reading program. Donna crafted the logo that we have used for our community wide- reading program for the last six years. She worked with the committee and library staff to design a unique logo that referenced our existing library logo – we wanted something that was simple but elegant in design. We were extremely pleased with Donna’s efforts. Her use of our historic building and the idea of turning the front doors into an open book combined to communicate what we wanted our readers to know – that this was a community-wide program, open to all, happening at the library – and it was about books – not computers, technology etc .

Her logo has become ubiquitous with the One Book program and has been imprinted on banners that hung throughout the town, on a library float and made into refrigerator magnets, library pins. It is also the logo used for all of our publicity for the program- on our flyers, posters, book lists and on our webpage.

Becky Herrmann
Library Director
Chelmsford Public Library
Service Category: Logo Design

After years of seeing Donna’s wonderful work, I asked her to design a logo for my genealogical research business. Because I investigate the past using modern methods, I asked her for something with both an old-time and a modern feel. Impossible? Not for Donna Berger! She came up with a fresh, original design that I am SO proud to use to represent my business. And because my research reports are my product, she also designed Word and InDesign templates to set them apart. I was so lucky that Donna agreed to do this work for me. I couldn’t be happier!

Denise Picard Lindgren NE Genealogist
Editor, Vermont Genealogy”
Service Category: Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative